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The Art of Tarot: 15 Tarot Card Tattoos Interpreted

The Art of Tarot: 15 Tarot Card Tattoos Interpreted

How wonderful to see so many tarot tattoos here and thank you for featuring my interpretations.


Tarot Flash by k33li Tarot Flash by Keeli Sandberg (Instagram @k33li)

I’m currently learning how to read tarot cards and have just added the card The Queen of Pentacles to my pagan-themed half-sleeve.

There are many different forms of tarot, but the Occult deck consists of 78 cards which can be used to give a reading to someone who requires guidance in a certain area of their life.

Tarot cards make for stunning tattoos – their bright colours, intricate detail and ability to be interpreted artistically in different ways by an artist, means no two tarot tattoos look the same. After browsing some spectacular tarot card tattoos online, I wanted to share these with you guys alongside descriptions of what each card means.

UK-based tarot card reader Tarot Readings Online has been reading tarot for over 30 years. You can book a tarot reading through her website – you’ll select your own…

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Autumn Ramblings on The Season of Change – Part Two – The Wheel of Fortune


I talked in my last post on autumnal changes and the wheel of the year and how sometimes, life throws a curve ball at us.

At these times we may be subjected to changes which seem out of our control.
This seems frightening sometimes, but as I said last time whilst analysing the Tower, sometimes change is good, especially if certain aspects of your life have been on ‘shaky ground’ for some time anyway!

Today I want to look at one of my favourite Major Arcana cards – The Wheel of Fortune or the ‘Destiny’ card as it is sometimes known.

Wheel of Fortune

Here we have the Morgan Greer Tarot deck. Let’s first look ( as I always suggest you do when reading for someone) very closely at what we can see on the card.

A wheel is being turned by an ‘unseen ‘ hand ( of God..?) from a cloud formation. The wheel appears to be on top of a cliff face or precipice, because as the wheel turns, some poor soul has toppled off it into the unknown depths below. Two others, a King  and a Queen (note the crowns on their head) sit atop of the wheel.

The King looks mildly happy and oblivious to the fate of the fallen person. He holds a golden chalice in his hand raised high in a toast. His wife, the Queen however, looks behind her, just about aware that the poor ‘fool’ has toppled and as she holds tightly to her dress, the toppled ‘man’ has his foot caught in her skirts. She looks over her shoulder and is aware that she might fall too…at any moment.

Wheel of Fortune -

Another interpretation of The Wheel is show above, in the Mary El Tarot. Here ‘Destiny’ is shown as a woman, Fortuna and it is she who has the power to both give and take away. Here the wheel is within her womb, the Earth Mother who represents the whole of nature. She turns the wheel as she wishes, blindfolded, with no regard for us, being impartial to our happiness or our suffering.

So what does this mean when we have this card appear in a reading?

The Wheel of Fortune represents:

  • having reached a pivotal point in your life – new options are now becoming possible
  • taking the first step on a new and unfamiliar path
  • changes – a new beginning – a new cycle in your life
  • chance events or fateful encounters – all part of the ‘great plan’

The Wheel of Fortune symbolises the cycle of life, the wheel of fortune. Sometimes we are ‘up’ on top of the wheel and sometimes we are ‘down’…that’s life….! When we see this card it is a reminder that when you are ‘down’ – the only way is ‘up’. In other words – things can only get better…and they usually do…!

The issue of Fate versus Free Will is a difficult one – we are not at the mercy of Fate every step of the way – we are ‘fated’ at times, to have to deal with certain occurrences which require choice.

Whenever there is a choice, this is our free will and there is the chance for us to learn something valuable – either not to repeat our mistakes, or how to advance ourselves spiritually by becoming a better person perhaps.

When you draw The Wheel of Fortune it says – you are approaching one of those times in your life when Fate takes a hand in your affairs. Strange occurrences, fateful meetings – ‘You won’t believe what happened to me today..!’  type of encounters.

These events will, to some extent, seem out of your control, or they require no free will choices…they just happen…amazingly ! Once the dust has settled, you will find yourself entering a new phase in your life – new friends, new career, new love, new home…everything just seems – meant to be in some way.

This is your destiny….follow it…


Autumn Ramblings on The Season of Change.


Wheat Fields

Well, Summer seems to have truly gone and we are definitely into the realms of Autumn and all she has to offer.

Personally, I love this time of year.

Yes, it gets colder and yes the weather isn’t as ‘good’ ( note to all those living outside of the UK, this is a joke as we haven’t had much Summer sunshine either..), but basically everything just somehow seems more interesting as nature shifts her mantle from green to gold.

So basically the seasons and the wheel of the year are all about changes and how we handle those.

Tarot Change 3

Let’s look at some of the tarot cards then that often show change, herald great endings and beginnings and sometimes turn things on their head.

The first that springs to mind of course is The Tower. Such a great card, but frightening in its graphics and symbology. What can we see?

The Tower

The Tower represents tumultuous change – but change is inevitable in all our lives, just like the seasons. Let’s look at the card closely.

The dark skies and heavy clouds set the scene. Two people have fallen from the tower, (or did they jump..?) which is not only being lashed by a stormy sea of terrific proportions, is also on fire. Lightening bolts strike the tower at the top. Destruction seems impossible to escape. What could be worse..?

The key words here are tumult, inevitable change, Karma, upheaval, breakdown and yet also… release. The Tower represents those times of change that happen suddenly and without warning. They seem outside our influence and therefore, seem frightening…at first. We may feel temporarily afraid, shaken and insecure.

At such a time of great turmoil, we seek to understand how, what we thought was so ‘solid’ and steadfast, is no longer so. How could we have been so blind, so foolish, so naïve? Soul shaking experiences such as this, although difficult, are often necessary, for they literally force us out of the comfort zone or mediocrity of our present level of existence into something far more exciting and ultimately, satisfying, although at the time we cannot believe it ever will be.

Life’s constant changes will continue to bring ‘Tower experiences’, but they can also revolutionise our lives if we embrace these changes, accept the inevitable and move forward.

When you look at the meanings identified with this card it is not all doom and gloom, as it’s primary message is…things are about to change…whether you like it or not. So will you jump or wait to be pushed?

Later, we will look closely at the next card of change, that which we know as the Wheel of Fortune card….


The Suits or Minor Arcana – Cups



There are 78 cards in the tarot. Twenty two of these are what we call the Major Arcana. These Major cards are considered to be more important than their ‘lesser’ counterparts as it’s believed they deal more on a higher plane of interpretation.

The remaining cards are broken down into ‘suits’ like playing cards and are Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles.

These are called the Minor Arcana and deal mainly with the more day to day or perfunctory situations in which we may often find ourselves.

Today let’s look at the suit of Cups.

Cups are always connected to the element of water. Astrologically they link to those born under the star signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.


Cups represent the emotions and love – in any form. So these cards can relate not only to love ‘affairs’ or matters of the heart,  moreover they govern relationships with family and close friends too. An abundance of upright Cups in a spread is more than likely going to be linked to a question involving a love issue,  however, they can also refer to concepts such as creativity – and opportunities offered to change your life for the better.

On an emotional level, reversed cups can suggest a lack of emotion, or connection to others, or having unreasonable  expectations in love.

Cups are very much linked to psychic powers, visions, illusions… the ‘sensitive’. If reversed, they can have more negative connotations such as over dependence on someone or something, depression, or over-indulgence in food, drink, or drugs.

Likewise the positives found deep within our emotions can bring many talents associated with the ‘Arts’, such as poetry, art, music or dance.

Whenever you are presented with cups in the spread before you, ask yourself…is my cup half empty …or half full..?

Lammas or Lughnasadh – First Harvest Celebrations


Photo – Wikimedia Commons

August 1st sees the Wheel of The Year turn to harvest time (almost!)

Lammas, from the Anglo-Saxon hlaf-mas, (loaf-mass), refers to the First Harvest. In the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle it is called ‘the feast of first fruits’.

In past times, in many parts of England, tenants were bound to present freshly harvested wheat to their landlords on or before the first day of August.

On this day it was customary to make the first loaf  from the new crop , which might also be used to work magic. A book of charms from the time states that the Lammas bread be broken into four pieces, which were to be placed at the four corners of the barn, to protect the gathered grain. Just as its name suggests, loafs were also taken into mass to give thanks for the harvest.

Another name for this Harvest festival is Lughnasadh – Irish Gaelic for ‘Commemoration of Lugh’.

Lugh is a Celtic Sun God who’s name means ‘the shining one’.

Lughnasadh marks the now noticeable descent of the Sun into the darkness of winter, the midpoint of which we celebrated at Midsummer.

Now is the time to gather the harvest and fruits of the year. The grain is cut, and made into bread and other nutritious foods. Some is stored in barns and grain stores and used as seeds next spring in order to perpetuate the continuing cycle of new life.

It is at this time then, that we should turn our thoughts to personal sacrifice, transformation, death and rebirth. We might also like to think about the fruition and culmination of projects which are perhaps still unfinished. Are there others which might need a kick-start or further preparation?

In general terms, Lammas / Lughnasadh is a good time to give thanks to the Gods and the Earth Spirits for the blessings and gifts that we are now receiving.

Once In A Blue Moon

Blue Moon Copyright Earth Sky Org

Blue Moon Copyright Earth Sky Org

Friday 31st July heralds a Full Moon, and not only that, it is a ‘Blue Moon’.

By definition a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.  Our first full moon fell on Thursday 2nd.

I have written previously about the power of the full moon and how this corresponds to the tarot, but today, let’s simply look at what to expect with the occurrence of this rare Blue Moon.

Moon Giant has an interesting write up on the origin of the name ‘Blue Moon’, and the expression – ‘once in a Blue Moon’ means of course…something that doesn’t occur very often.


The moon has always held a fascination with man. As our ancestors gazed skywards, this magnificent silvery sphere was what gave them a sense of time – and ultimately led to the formulation of our modern day calendars. It is believed that stone circles were built to align with both the sun and the moon’s passage across the sky. But does it affect us, when the moon is full?


There is no doubt that the gravitational pull of the moon affects our tides here on earth.

Some farmers believe that planting under a full moon will increase yield in crops. Is this true?

Well according to several research projects it may well do, owing to this gravitational pull of the tides and the water / soil absorption ratio.

Copyright wikipedia.org

Copyright wikipedia.org

As far back as the 17th century, the word lunatic or lunacy was attached to inmates of certain mental institutions and there was a real belief that during the times of the full moon, their conditions worsened. Is this true?

Actually no, there is no real scientific evidence that links the full moon to madness in any form.

However, some people experience difficulties sleeping during a full moon. Scientists claim that we have an internal biological clock hardwired into our genes which means we sleep less when the moon is full.We take longer to nod off, and when we finally do our sleep is lighter. This is known as the ‘caveman effect’. Read more on this here.


The moon is seen as a symbol of romance…why? Is the moon affecting our emotions and ability to fall in love during certain cycles of the moon? Again, no. Even though our bodies are made up of on average between 50 -75 per cent of water, would we be affected by the gravitational pull from this satellite? Highly unlikely.

But there is no doubt – the way the moon looks when full, its glorious shine and that sense of mystery that prevails when we see it, could lead us to feel more emotional perhaps during these times, but that is all.

So basically on Friday during this 2nd gravitational pull in one month, you have little to worry about.


So get out there, look up, bask in it’s gloriousness… and beware of werewolves!

Symbolism in The Tarot


When starting out to read your tarot cards, of course you’ll most likely use a book to guide you or perhaps use an online ‘educational’ resource tool.

Way back in January I talked about the importance of getting to know your cards by really looking at them. What you will of course have noticed is that as well as the corresponding number to your card, it is covered with graphic symbols, some as difficult to ‘read’ as hieroglyphics!

Lets take this card by way of an example – The Moon.

Morgan Greer Tarot

Morgan Greer Tarot

What can we see as the dominant symbol here..? Of course it’s the moon, shining down full and golden in all her glory. But what else do you notice?  Let’s look at the towers , the winding pathway which leads to the mountains in the distance, the dog and the wolf baying at the moon, the pool or lake and the strange crustacean crawling from it.

But what does this mean, what symbols can we see here that are important and collectively, what do they mean for your querant (the questioner) ?

Well firstly the moon of course is a powerful symbol of the feminine principle and as the moon waxes and wanes in cycles so does a woman’s body in terms of menstrual cycles. The moon also represents the mind and the intellect, madness was often associated with the moon, hence the term lunacy. The moon also links to psychic ability but also instability too and the moon also rules the emotions. Just in that one symbol we have many aspects to discuss!

Rider Waite

Rider Waite

The dog and the wolf are representative of our wild versus tame nature and once again shows how we have ‘evolved’ from more dangerous things! This duality of nature we may often wrestle with (the beast within..?) from time to time.

The lobster or crayfish is certainly very strange as it is not something one would see every day crawling from the depths of the sea onto the land. But this strange crustaceous being is here to remind us all of our primeval beginnings in the swamp soup of evolution and demonstrates how creatures from the sea eventually walked upon the earth, transformed over centuries of evolution. In terms of the meandering path from the waters edge, through the shore side… up, up and away into unexplored territory (leaving our home or castle behind) we see we are on a metaphysical journey of self discovery.

This message here then is quite powerful. See how you can change if you examine closely the depths of your emotions or inner psyche. Look deep into your subconscious and see what lies beneath and what you might become if you follow the ‘path of enlightenment’.

Aquarian Tarot

Aquarian Tarot

Some decks will prove more challenging than others in terms of interpreting symbols. This one by the Aquarian Tarot gives very little away… so how would you work with this deck for example? Others are even more confusing sometimes and as tarot continues to evolve and more and more decks flood the market, how do you know which one is best for you?

Deviant Moon

Deviant Moon

As you move through the rest of these powerful and strange symbols you’ll realise it’s a little like being a detective. What do you see and how does this make you feel? What message is the tarot trying to bring forth?

It’s at this time that you are firmly relying on your own tuition, which of course is what this powerful and complex tarot card represents!

Whenever the Moon appears in a reading we know that challenging times may be ahead, especially in terms of the emotions, the mind and our ability to ‘see things clearly’. Confusion, distraction and even deceit is highlighted with this powerful card. What we need to focus on now is the difference between reality and fantasy, fact and fiction and use our intuition to guide us through the dark of the night to a ‘higher’ place…


Deviant Moon Tarot

Rider Waite Tarot

Morgan Greer Tarot

Aquarian Tarot

Tarot Reading and Those ‘Reversals’ – To Read or Not To Read..?



What does this mean? Simply put it’s when the card you draw is upside down and this, we call a reversal or reversed card.

What difference do these make, if any – and do you use them if you’re a reader yourself ?

I do, actually.

I quite like some of the reversals, as they are not, as you might think, negative in their meaning just because they are upside down.

Here’s an example:

The Nine of Swords – eek, this looks nasty, and yes, it does have some ‘challenging’ connotations when ‘right side up’. Its meaning is one of despair, sadness, sleepless nights and worry…a vulnerable time in your life.

Nine of Swords

When reversed however, it’s a completely different story. The Nine of Swords reversed now represents hope, optimism, good news, having faith in yourself and a release from pressure or stress.

But what of the ones that aren’t as pleasing as this one. Here’s another example, the Two of Pentacles reversed.

Two of Pentacles Reversed

The key phrases associated with this card are:

….things may become difficult to sustain, a situation has become imbalanced, the situation has become uncoordinated and disorganised, sometimes things are ‘up’…then they are ‘down’, you may need to be more flexible in your outlook, allow the pressure to ease off and get back on an even keel, flexibility, organisation and balance is the key.

So is this really ‘negative’?

Isn’t it just true to say that life isn’t always rosy and ‘nice’ and therefore at certain times in our lives we may have challenges to work through?

It is during these times then, that these types of cards can help pinpoint certain situations which you might need to be more aware of. These reversals should then enlighten you and act as words of encouragement, even when you feel as if your problems seem insurmountable.

So next time you encounter a reversal, look at the positive messages it is trying to give you and consider your options, then turn that so called ‘negative’ into a positive!


Tarot Cards Courtesy of  Wikipedia